Hair Extensions event.  

BALMAIN Hair Extensions.
Tape Extensions
Easy volume & easy Length Tape Extensions are reusable
pre-taped extensions made of the highest quality 100% Human Hair.
Colours can vary between  the ruth and length ends !
The ultra flat application ensures perfect hair distribution and comfortable wearing. Perfect volume and colour (high or lowlight treatment.
For  more details and info please Call 02 9953 37 07
  • Medium to long hair extensions:
  • Full head of hair extensions 40cm (40 hair Locks)with Shampoo Cut & blow-out $820
  • Full head of hair extensions 40cm (60 hair Locks)with  Shampoo Cut & blow-out $1000
  • Half Head of hair Extensions 40cm (20 hair Locks)With Shampoo Cut & blow- out $525
  • Full head of hair extensions 55cm (60 hair Locks)With Shampoo Cut & blow-out $1700
  • Half Head of hair Extensions 55cm (40 Hair Locks) With Shampoo  Cut & blow- out $850
Double Hair
Double hair is a patented reusable weft extensions syste made of 100% Human hair. Each weft contains multiple layers of hair which allow you to create instant volume and length . 
One strip of Doublehair is the equivalent of around 18 individual extensions.
Please call us for details and prices. 
Need more info for Balmain hair extensions,
call us will be happy to assist you for any questions, Call 02 9953 37 07


Book your hair Botox and Receive a Complimentary Le Piaf HairCare 250ml Nourishing shampoo Paraben & 
sulfate Free.

Exclusive to Le Piaf, this mask is completely natural and organic and contains a super healthy dose of collagen, protein, keratin and 12 oils, with a PH 3.5 this will replenish and restore nutrients deep into your hair, creating a brilliant shine with a beautifully soft, supple feel and will last over 35 days  

let us do it for you for ONLY $150!

The Botox must be blow-dry and hot Ceramic need to complete this Treatment, $48 Service for any hair Length.

You will receive a premium 1.1/2 hour treatment session that will leave your hair feeling incredibly soft and silky, unlike you've ever felt before. You have to try it to believe it! Say Goodbye to Fly-Aways, dry and damaged hair, split ends now you can have the hair you've always dreamed of!

For more info, call us, will be happy to assist you for any questions about the hair Botox . 02 9953 37 07

Precision Cuts and styling with our Master stylist


Student Ladies Cut & Blow dry From $85 
Student Mens $45
Mens Shampoo cut & blow dry $60
Ladies Cut only no wash walk in $75
Ladies Shampoo, Cut & Blow dry $108
Restyle, Shampoo, Cut & Blow dry $125
Restyle, Shampoo,Cut & BD with Roberto Jean Francois, Director $135
Ladies Shampoo, Cut & BD with Roberto Jean-Francois, Director $115
Ladies Dry Shampoo &  Blow dry $30
Ladies Shampoo, Blow dry Short to Medium $48
Ladies Shampoo, Blow dry Long Hair $68
Ladies Hair dry off $20



Partial Regrowth $65 



Regrowth $95

Extra colour $35

Toner  -   Short  $30    Medium  $40   Long  $50

For More info, Phone: 9953 37 07



Our Foils / Paint on / Balayage

Touch Creative foils /conturing/ balayage  $12/ per foil or paint on

Contouring Paint on  $75

T Section Short hair  $115

T Section Medium to Long  $125

Half Head Short  $135

Half head Medium  $165

Half Head long  $175 

Full Head Short  $180

Full Head Medium  $195

Full head Long   $220

Scalp bleach from  $95

Extra colour $45

Olaplex  $45

Our Keratin Treatment Melado


Receive a Complimentary Le Piaf HairCare, 250ml Shampoo & 250ml conditioner Free of Paraben & Sulfate for any Keratin Treatment 

Keratin treatment Melado is an Australian owned Keratin company which manufactures their Keratin treatment in its home land Brazil.

Are Melado’s products formaldehyde free? Yes.

The fact they are made according to Australian Standards means Melado follow's strict guidelines to insure the highest quality safe Keratin treatments.

Short hair  $250 

Medium  $350

Long  $500 

Our Mask Treatments


Balmain Haircouture Paris

Oribe USA

Kerastase Paris

Le Piaf Haircare


This service is for hair in need of intensive restructuring. The treatment helps to maintain your hair in its healthiest condition. This is a customised service that restores hair balance, shine, strength and flexibility. The treatment is revolutionary, long lasting, and nurturing. With 50% more Protein, It helps control fine, frizzy, flyaway hair as well as coarse, curly and rebellious hair.


Balmain Mask  with Hot Towel experience with 15 minute massage  $60 

Oribe Mask, Wax intensive Treatement  pre-shampoo with 15 minute application $45

Oribe Mask, with Hot Towel experience with 15 minute massage  $33

Oribe Mask, with5 minute massage  $23

le Piaf Mask with 5 minute massage  $23

Kerastase Mask, with 5 minute massage $23


Our services for Up Style - Braiding - Chignon - Wedding hair style.

Up Do and Chignon  From $90   Bridal on location  POA

Our innovative and avant-garde styles, coupled with our experience in art direction,  Hair Design, fashion runway and atelier styling, will help you attain or maintain a look which will suit your lifestyle.