Le Piaf natural and organic

Le Piaf brings together the goodness of organic, unrefined, and raw ingredients, carefully selected. Our commitment to the environment goes beyond the product itself. We take pride in our biodegradable packaging, crafted with wheat and straw materials. These sustainable choices ensure that Le Piaf remains eco-friendly from start to finish.

"Le Piaf," a French nickname for The Sparrow, is an inspired line of organic hair care products that embodies the harmony between nature and sustainability. With Le Piaf, we celebrate the delicate and charming nature of the sparrow, a symbol of beauty, grace, and freedom. Just like the sparrow, our products will help your hair effortlessly soar to new heights of radiance and health. Embracing the essence of fauna and flora, Le Piaf's hair care formulations are inspired by the bountiful gifts of nature. Our range includes nourishing shampoos, revitalizing conditioners, and luxurious hair treatments, all infused with the goodness of organic botanical extracts and essential oils. These carefully selected ingredients provide gentle care for your hair, promoting its natural beauty and leaving it feeling soft, silky, and vibrant.




Oribe Hair Care

Oribe Hair Care began its journey in 2008. Good. Better. Best. the top of the editorial and salon worlds to create a new category in hair care.Today, Oribe is a best-selling, award-winning brand that has sparked deep connections with its consumers.

Balmain Haircouture Paris

Discover the Revitalizing line A unique product line of the bare essentials for manageable soft, shiny, healthy looking hair. Presented in clear and clean no nonsense packaging. The ingredients, silk protein and argan oil, are key to deliver the best product benefits.

Le Piaf Hair

Le piaf is style and Craftsmanship. Assisting on the care of your best hair.Our philosophy is to produce quality, Australian made Natural and Organic tested hair care products.Crafted from a refines anthology of botanicals and oils the Le Piaf range is sulphate and Paraben free.